It's the dream of many retail traders to truly master the financial markets. What if you could wake up in the morning, and make your living trading? Trading is a skill that is extremely difficult, and only with the proper guidance, one can achieve mastery in this field - similar to being a Doctor or lawyer.

However, while making money is certainly a goal that everyone should have - there are different levels of effort that people are willing to invest. There are plenty of people that might like the idea of making money, unwillingly to truly invest the kind of time, energy, and/or money that it takes to

become successful at the markets.
While you can always hone your strategy later, the truth is that when it comes to stocks, commodities, and currencies - you should have some knowledge concerning technical trading. While one might be focusing on gains, it's essential to realize that trading is not just about making money but AVOIDING losing money, which is a detail that many novice traders often forget. It can take months, and even years, for a trader to establish a system that truly works for them, and helps them determine entry and exit points for a specific trade.

World Markets understands how important this education is, which is why we not only offer education for markets that have been around for decades, but for the cryptocurrency markets, as well. We want to equip you for the markets of tomorrow so you can take advantage of the immense growth potential in the cryptocurrency markets.

The idea of decentralization might be a relatively new one, but traders certainly understand the value in digital assets, considering that they are not beholden to a central authority or government.

There are companies in the space such as Ripple, which is partnering with traditional financial institutions to revolutionize the way human beings can

complete cross-border payments, and Ethereum, which has an incredible amount of potential due to its fact that one can create smart contracts and decentralized apps on the platform. One of the most important tech figures in the world, the American inventor/Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, compared Ethereum to Apple in 2018, stating: "Ethereum interests me because it can do things and because it's a platform."

That’s why can help tremendously for understanding the patterns and technical trends that have allowed traders to make consistent gains for decades. We recognize that you might be interested in knowing more about what to look for - and urge you to absorb as much technical knowledge as possible. You will even receive trade alerts, swing trading signals, and daily pre-forecast videos, as well. If you want to improve your trading skills and technical knowledge with GoldAndOilGuy.

That's why World Markets has established a partnership with Above Crypto, which has all the resources for you to start cryptocurrency trading yourself. The website is your #1 source to understanding cryptocurrency in general, understanding how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, and make the right decisions for your particular portfolio. If all of that wasn't enough, there is even a community of traders to interact and bounce ideas off of, and you can learn more about the space through discussion and conversation. There are all sorts of ways to get started, and the Above Crypto newsletter also will help keep you informed and up-to-date concerning investment ideas and "rising coins," as well. You can access all of the incredible resources and tools that Above Crypto has to offer at this link:

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Of course, there is still much money to be made in the traditional markets. More and more people every day are learning about the markets and how to make gains while also avoiding losses, and we want to make sure that you are educated in all areas that cater to your trading style - whether you are trading stocks, commodities, or otherwise.

There are many who enter the markets thinking that they can "wing it," without realizing that there are tried-and-tested methods that help identify the safest entry points for a specific trade. You can then use this to your own advantage and in combination with your own strategies and risk/reward ratio to make more money than you ever have.

Always perform due-diligence on any trading educator to insure their integrity.
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